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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Rose and Garnet Fusion Theory. We appreciate the attempt.

Rose and Garnet Fusion Theory
Theory Information
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication September 9, 2015
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This theory talks about who is the Fusion seen in "Historical Friction ".


The gem is careful with humans and appeared after the war, so it can't be a Homeworld Gem. Its not a corrupted gem, because it can talk. Rebecca said that the Crystal Gems are interested on humans, so much that the Gem give a high-five to Willian Dewey (probably Pearl put that in the script, since the only thing she didn't understand was the poster at the end), then it can only be a Crystal Gem fusion.

We can't know by the shadow who she is, we don't have gem or eyes color, etc. So lets look the similarities and contradictions of all possible fusions.

Similarities between Garnet and the Fusion, the only difference is the massive long hair (mix of Garnet and Rose hair) and the four arms.

We saw all primary fusion possibilites with Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst, so it has to be with Rose Quartz (Ruby and Sapphire probably wouldn't fuse if they weren't together yet).

Holy anchovies! The quadruple noogie! A move that's only been spoken of in legends!

—Steven, "Historical Friction"

Notice the fusion have similar chest, waist and legs to Garnet, and all fusions that have Garnet have the same type of body, for example Sugilite and Sardonyx.

The thing that resembles Rose is the long and big hair, and when with Garnet massive hair turned into that long, big curved hair, kinda like Connie.


The unknown giant woman is the fusion of Garnet and Rose Quartz.

Change Your Mind


As of the season 5 finale Change Your Mind, we know that this fusion is Obsidian. Obsidian was the fusion of Rose Quartz, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst and is the Gem depicted in stone on the front of the temple. Steven can also perform this fusion in his mother's place with no visible differences in shape or style (unlike the differences between Rainbow Quartz and Rainbow 2.0). Garnet and Rose's fusion would consider to be Sunstone. This theory is now debunked.