Rose and Greg Didn't Really Love Each Other
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Theory Information
Author Evtini200
Illustrator Evtini200
Date of Publication 13th of June 2015
Let's review.

Rose is a huge alien warrior babe from outer space.

Greg is a guy who dropped out of college, lives in his van and keeps adult magazines of aliens.

Despite Garnet giving us a heavy lesson on how love at first sight isn't real, Greg and Rose defied this (seemingly).

So from what I've gathered, here's how it really went down:

Greg has a thing for aliens and large women. He found someone who meets both criteria. He followed her around so he could date her. He was acting on hormones, not heart.

Rose saw him as some sort of pet. Like a poor, lost, cute puppy that kept crawling back to her. Greg was a poor, lost, cute human that kept coming back to Rose as if it thought it was person. Rose decides to keep her new pet human and Greg thinks he's scored it big.

Add in a few age inappropriate stereotypes about people like young Greg (wannabe famous guitar player with long hair that lives in his van) and you've got something that isn't love, but is just a hormone driven drop out and a gem lady who got a bit too friendly with her pet.

EDIT: Theory is now 100% Canon.

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