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Sapphire the Psychic is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Amethystkitten!
Sapphire the Psychic
Theory Information
Author Amethystkitten
Illustrator Amethystkitten
Date of Publication November 3rd 2015
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Yo, I've got a new theory for you. I don't know I've been pumping these out so fast maybe the hiatus has really gotten to me but anyway...


My theory is that Sapphires were used as psychics during the gem war or on Homeworld itself.


We've only seen our friend Sapphire two times, not including the short Fusion where she did not speak so not much is know about her. We know she possesses future vision and Ruby doesn't but not much else. We know her future vision is so strong she often loses herself within it coming off as cold and emotionless, the polar opposite the Ruby (see what I did?)


Quiet! Uh, I can't see!

Sapphy running

We first met Sapphire (as in she spoke) in the episode Jailbreak. She was revealed to be the piece of Garnet that possesses her power of future vision. This was heavily implied when Ruby said the line above, "I can't see!" because she is used to being fused and thus having two types of vision. Normal sight and of course future vision. So far we have discovered all gems are the way they are both physically and in there powers and there appearance because of a certain purpose on home world. For example, most Quartzes are large and strong (Amethyst being the exception.)

Keystone Motel

I can see the path of fate as it stretches toward the horizon.

Sapphy one eye

The next time we encountered Sapphire was in Keystone Motel. After fighting with Pearl, Garnet splits into her two counterparts, Ruby and Sapphire. It is immediately determined that Ruby is furious while Sapphire appears to be emotionless because she sees the path of fate, and sees that everything will work out. In the end however, this is her undoing as she is so lost emotionally that she fails to recognize how she hurting both Steven and Ruby.


Think about this for a moment, Sapphire possesses a power that allows her to see the future. How could Homeworld use this? In my opinion, I believe Sapphire's may have been used as psychics. This would make sense due to the fact that Sapphire acts emotionless. Psychics are used to see ones future, however if they act upon emotions then they're results may be altered and they may be dishonest with the person whom they are foretelling the future for. The fact that Sapphires act emotionless would allow them to be unbiased and serve Homeworld in this way.

Also, Sapphire's gem has a triangular facet and she has one eye. This is rather resemblance of a magic eight ball which "tells the future" (not really, but as toy) with yes or no like answers.


I have come to conclusion that Sapphires were psychics on Homeworld. This is a very limited theory due to the few appearances of Sapphire in the series. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed. Drop me some feedback, I'd love to hear your opinions.