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Space Map Theory is the Featured Theory for Year 2015, which means it was considered to be one of the best theories Steven Universe Theory Zone Wiki, as determined by the community.
Space Map Theory
Space Warp Center
Theory Information
Title Space Map Theory
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication August 9, 2015
Source Skeke Steven Universe Wiki User Blog
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This theory is about the scriptures that appear in some episodes and make some kind of map of the Galaxy Warp. I theorize the logic their destinations.


You can see, in "Space Race", "Ocean Gem", and "Sworn to the Sword" the Galaxy Warp and some scriptures in the other two episodes. Analysing this I concluded that the Galaxy Warp, the Space and the map drawn on the arena line up.

Notice that the map on the arena is similar to the Star shown on "Ocean Gem", also the stars and the map is much similar to the Galaxy Warp warp pads.

Like the map, the Galaxy Warp have lines connecting the circles/warp pads too. Both of them are pratically identical to the stars in "Ocean Gem".

Also, when Lapis was flying back to Homeworld she was heading to the middle star, which is Homeworld according to the map.


Ocean Gem metioning homeworld

Lapis mentioning Homeworld and looking to the stars. (Also, the camera catches to that specific group of starts).


The Galaxy Warp, the Space and the map lining up. (Click for bigger image).


Lapis going to Homeworld.


Galaxy Warp warp pads and their relation with the stars


The destination of each warp pad

If we put Galaxy Warp on a plane superface we can see the perfect alignment with the stars.