Confirmed Theory
Steven's First Fusion is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, IrisIsBestPrincess!
Steven's First Fusion
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Theory Information
Title Steven's First Fusion
Author IrisIsBestPrincess
Illustrator IrisIsBestPrincess
Date of Publication March 5, 2016
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Rainbow Quartz by Lenhi

Rainbow Quartz, the fusion of Rose and Pearl.

Heyo guys, Iris here again, and I'm gonna explain my opinions about Steven's first fusion with a Gem.



Steven and Garnet are pretty good together and their fusion would be kinda stable. Like, with Steven's humor and Garnet's leadership, they would be good together.


Amethyst and Steven would also make a good pair as a fusion. I think the fusion would be a playful one.


Steven and Pearl would create a good fusion, because of Pearl's care for Steven and Steven's frienship for Pearl.

Also, it has been seen that in "We Need to Talk", Rose and Pearl's fusion is Rainbow Quartz, so it means it'll be Steven and Pearl's too.

Lapis Lazuli

As Lapis Lazuli has been protective to Steven in "Mirror Gem" and "Ocean Gem", as well as the thing that she fused with Jasper to protect him in "Jail Break", they would fuse with ease.


Steven and Peridot would make a good fusion altogether. As Peridot reformed and became a Crystal Gem, they'll be together very good.


It's unlikely that Steven and Jasper would ever fuse.

Confirmed Theory

It was confirmed in "Earthlings" that Steven's first fusion was Smoky Quartz (with Amethyst).