Steven's Way of Shapeshifting
Theory Information
Author Perlen297
Illustrator Perlen297
Date of Publication May 30, 2015
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Steven's way of shape-shifting is different from the Gem's way, since he is half-human. This is more like of explanation instead of a theory, but his way of shape-shifting is still unknown, so this is still a theory.

Humans are classified as mammals/animals which could explain how Steven shape-shift his hand into cats with variation of colors.

Steven is the combination of Greg's human DNA and Rose's gem DNA, which gem's shape-shifting abilities was inherited.

Since human DNA was inherited, Steven's gem abilities are changed slightly. Which made Steven capable of shape-shift with colors varied.

Steven may learn how to master shape-shift in the future and it is possible that he can shape-shift into different animals or even humans with varied colors, not to mention minor sentience and the ability to spawn without Steven's intention.