♫ I will fight to be everything, that everybody wants me to be when I'm grown. ♫

—"We are the Crystal Gems"
Steven Universe
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"Steven Quartz Universe" is the main protagonist of the show Steven Universe.

He is the son of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz, and the only male member of the Crystal Gems. A half-human, half-Gem as a result of his parentage, Steven is an extraordinary unique being with latent powers beyond that of both normal humans and Gems. Guided and aided by the Crystal Gems, Steven's destiny is to protect humanity as his mother did before him.


Steven is relatively short with a thick build. He has curly, dark brown hair and black irises. He wears a reddish-pink T-shirt with a yellow star on it. He also wears blue jeans and reddish-pink sandals. His gem, a rose quartz which he inherited from his mother, is where his belly button should be.


Being half-human and half-Gem, it is unknown if Steven possesses all the abilities of a pure Gem, such as retreating to their gemstone when taking fatal damage.

Steven has shown the abilities of a regular Gem such as to shape shift or summon his weapon (a shield), but has little control of them due to him not having enough training. He can also warp using the warp pads, and bubble objects and gemstone. He has also been shown to be able to fuse, when he fused with Connie to form Stevonnie in "Alone Together". More recently, for the first time, Steven fused with a gem (Amethyst) to form Smokey Quartz. to Steven is also capable of shapeshifting, but he has not yet learned to control it. His first (and, so far, only) attempt in "Cat Fingers" was disastrous, temporarily turning him into a cat monster.

Unique Abilities

Due to having his mother's gemstone, he shares most of his unique abilities with her.

  • Shield Summoning: Steven is progressively getting better at handling his shield.
    • Projectile Shield: Steven, when in great excitement, can shoot his shield like a projectile at great speed and power.
  • Variable Age: As revealed in the episode "So Many Birthdays," Steven can manipulate his age through his state of mind and maturity. Steven's biological age depends solely on how old he thinks he is.
  • Healing: (currently inactive) Steven's saliva has the power to heal the injuries of both humans and Gems. Steven's healing capabilities have not yet been seen to the full extent of his power, but he is shown to be capable of healing the cracked gemstones as seen when he healed Lapis Lazuli in "Ocean Gem." He can also heal common human injuries, seen when he healed Connie's eyesight in "An Indirect Kiss" and Greg's broken leg in "House Guest."
  • Phytokinesis: In "Watermelon Steven," Steven discovers he has the ability to grow sentient flora in the form of watermelons shaped like himself. They acted as his bodyguards, but they weren't directly under his control and the Watermelon Stevens would ignore his orders and attacked whoever they thought was threatening him, suggesting that he doesn't have full mastery over this ability thus far.
  • Superhuman Strength: Steven occasionally performs feats of strength that would be impossible for a human boy his age -- or even a grown man. In "Together Breakfast," Steven is able to lift and force the Together Breakfast in its mutated state into the lava pool by himself without the other Crystal Gems. He also displays a large amount of strength in "Arcade Mania" when he rips off the top of the Meat Beat Mania arcade game to break Garnet from her trance. He displays an even further amount of strength in "The Return" when he smashes Greg's van's dashboard with a single punch, apparently hard enough to both shatter it and activate the airbags. In "Joy Ride" he's able to move Jenny away from the Escape Pod without any effort. As Gems are much stronger and durable than their appearance would indicate, Steven's superhuman strength was most likely passed down to him from his mother.
  • WmbcK4G

    Steven's bubble

    Resistance to Anti-Gem Weaponry: Because Steven is half-human, he is resistant to anti-gem weaponry. He can pass through the yellow destabilization fields on Peridot and Jasper's Gem Warship and grab the live end of Peridot's Gem Destabilizer with only mild discomfort. This field is rumored to disable Gems, but as Steven is half human, it can only destabilize half of his form and give him a minor shock.
  • Bubble Shield: Steven can summon an incredibly durable bubble which encases him and possibly others that he's protecting.


Steven's gemstone is located on his navel; it has a pentagon facet.

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