Steven Will Lose His Eye
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Title Steven Will Lose His Eye
Author Cnels488 and Patatifique
Date of Publication October 21st 2018
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This theory is about the possibility of Steven losing his eye sometime in the future.


For the last few seasons, Steven Universe has introduced characters that have just one eye (White pearl, Eyeball, Nephrite etc), and I think that somewhere down the road, Steven will end up losing his eye.


  • In "Coach Steven", Steven gets hit by falling debris on his right eyebrow.
  • At the end of season 1 and the start of season 2, Steven's right eye gets bruised after he was headbutted by Jasper.
  • In "Pool Hopping", Garnet adopts a stray cat who she names "Cat Steven" and the cat happens to be missing it's right eye.
  • In a lot of promotional material for Steven Universe Future, Steven winks with his right eye
  • The biggest evidence so far: in episode  6 of Steven Universe Future "A Very Special Episode", Onion seems to have created a creepy doll of Steven. It's very out of place in the episode, and the doll's right eyes is bright pink instead of white, like the other eye, hinting at something related to Pink happening to his eye. As revealed in the end of the episode, this episode might be a PSA taking place in Sunstone's mind, and since sunstone is a fusion of Steven and Garnet, this might be future vision kicking in while Sunstone is unaware. 
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Steven Doll

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