Confirmed Theory
Steven and Connie Will Fight as Stevonnie is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Ronaldo Smith!
Steven and Connie Will Fight as Stevonnie
Theory Information
Title Steven and Connie Will Fight as Stevonnie
Author Ronaldo Smith
Illustrator Ronaldo Smith
Date of Publication June 16 2015

When battling enemies Steven and Connie will fuse to become Stevonnie most, if not all, of the time.


The most obvious evidence seems to be the fact that Connie is carrying Rose's sword during the second opening sequence. This sword is much too large for Connie, or Steven, to be able to use in combat. They managed to use it together in "Lion 2 The Movie", but had to use all four hands to do so. However it is a perfect size for Stevonnie.

It is also more logical for Steven and Connie to fuse in combat, in order to best coordinate Steven's shield ability and Connie's sword fighting ability. This also deals with Pearl's legitimate concern about Steven and Connie not always being able to be together during a fight.

Bad guys beware!

Possible Additional Reasons

If my theory "Steven's Shield Can Only Be Used To Protect Someone Else" is correct, then this means that Stevonnie will be able to summon the shield any time desired, because it will be used to protect Connie.

Finally, I suspect that this was the real reason that Rebecca introduced Stevonnie to the show in the first place.

Confirmed Theory

This theory was confirmed in the episode "Crack the Whip" when Steven and Connie fuse to fight Jasper.