Okay, we all know that there is a song in the ending credits that has multiple verses. I am talking about the first one that was actually played (Love like you). The place where I'm forming this theory from is Bubbled.


Lets break down the lyrics. Keep in mind, this was played when Steven returned to the Crystal Gems in Bubbled.

"If I could, being to be, half of what you think of me"

The first part can apply to a lot of situations (i.e. amethyst, steven, pearl,) but I think this is pointing at Steven in this sense. I'll explain why once we get to a specific lyric.

"I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love like you"

It is possible that this is referring to how when Steven lost his confidence in his healing powers, once he grew stronger, he was able to get them back. Note "half of what you think of me".

"When I see, the way you act, wondering when I'm coming back"

This is the real kicker here. I honestly think that this part is directly pointed at Steven. In Bubbled, when the CGs rescue him by the Rubies airship, Love Like You plays and this part is included.

"I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love like you."

This resembles Steven knowing that the Crystal Gems care deeply for him, and once Steven knows this, he feels that he can do anything.


All together, the puzzle pieces (in my opinion) for these lyrics fit better than anyone else. Before the episode, I thought this could just be directed at anyone until we got Bubbled. I'm not saying that this is specifically directed at Steven, but it is very likely. That is why this theory page exists.

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