Stevonnie Will Be Forced to Duel Yellow Diamond
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Theory Information
Title Stevonnie Will Be Forced to Duel Yellow Diamond
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication November 9, 2015
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This theory is about Steven and Connie and that they will be forced to face Yellow Diamond, two-on-one as the Fusion Stevonnie.


In one of my previous theories, The Ancient Sky Arena Statue Mystery, I touched upon the subject of Gem chivalry, how it predates similar human ideals thousands of years. Displayed in each of the arenas are a series of Gem statues, each one wielding a weapon. The largest Earth arena (so far), the Ancient Sky Arena originally depicted four Gem warriors, however one of the statues has been partially destroyed.

With the presence of Pearl's Arena and the Ancient Sky Arena, it is noticeable that even on a remote outpost such as Earth, the custom of combat in arenas was important to Gems, certainly important enough to warrant building arenas on Earth rather than just warping back to the Homeworld. It would have been one of the greatest tributes for a warrior Gem to have their likeness displayed in an arena as a statue, just as it would be a huge dishonor to that warrior for their statue to be vandalized.

My theory suggested that the vandalized statue was the greatest duelist of the Pink Diamond faction, however I never named which Gem it was. The most likely candidate is in fact Rose Quartz herself.

It was at the Ancient Sky Arena that Pearl learned about the concept of chivalry and being a knight, but she herself could not be a knight during the arena's hay-day prior to the Gem Wars as she herself admitted in "Sworn to the Sword" that she was not built for fighting. As Rose Quartz's Pearl she would have been at Rose's side almost all of the time, standing around and looking pretty.

They're for standing around, and looking nice, and holding your stuff for you... right?

—Peridot, Back to the Barn
Pearl would have seen Rose Quartz, a Gem built for combat participate in duels, fighting for her leader's honor which thus made her want to become Rose's knight. However Rose Quartz's leader was Pink Diamond, the pink diamond insignia is clearly shown upon her Pearl's spacesuit and upon Sardonyx's shoes (the Pearl/Garnet fusion).

Rose Quartz could have been one of many of Pink Diamond's knights who had battled in the arena on Pink Diamond's behalf, however it was Rose Quartz that created and led the rebellion against the might of the Homeworld Gems and succeeded in defeating them - if there was anyone among Pink Diamond's "knights" who was skilled enough in combat to earn the honor of having their likeness placed within the Ancient Sky Arena, it would have been Rose Quartz.

Yellow Diamond Comparison

Yellow Diamond and her statue in the Ancient Sky Arena

This leads us to a problem. Yellow Diamond was probably the champion duelist among her own faction prior to the Gem Wars, an honor that was also bestowed upon Rose Quartz of the Pink Diamond faction. Steven Universe is effectively now Rose Quartz, not even Jasper was willing to differentiate between the two. 

Rose, why do you look like that? Why are you so weak?

—Jasper, The Return
It is highly unlikely that Yellow Diamond is going to differentiate between Steven and Rose Quartz at first sight either.

Also, Lion is actively preparing Steven and Connie for something, whether it be by Rose Quartz's instructions or on his own accord. When Steven first introduced Connie to Lion (in "Lion 2: The Movie"), Lion took the pair of them to Rose's  secret armory which doubled as a combat training area (which Steven unwittingly set off when he expressed a wish "to see lots of explosions." Lion could have revealed this place to Steven on his own at any time, yet Lion waited until Connie was present before doing so.

It's interesting to see in later episodes  ("Sworn to the Sword") Connie has become Steven's knight under Pearl's tuition, in almost the same manner of how Pearl had tried to be for Rose Quartz, following ancient Gem traditions.


Many have speculated that at some point Steven and Connie will fuse together as Stevonnie so that they can utilize their sword and shield combat skills more effectively together. This is highly likely as Yellow Diamond, a champion of the ancient Gem duelists' arenas will want a rematch against the biggest thorn in her side and rival in the arena - Rose Quartz - ancient Gem honor is at stake.

Additional Note: Stevonnie's appearance is similar to a non-Fusion (no extra body parts) so it is possible for Yellow Diamond to mistake Stevonnie for Rose Quartz, just as Jasper mistook Steven for his mother.