The Cluster will Take a Humanoid Form
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Theory Information
Title The Cluster will Take a Humanoid Form
Author Amethystkitten
Illustrator Amethystkitten
Date of Publication October 11th, 2015
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Hey everybody! I'm Amethystkitten and I have an interesting theory for you all...


We all know about the cluster, which is made of about a million gem shards in the center of the Earth. But I believe that the cluster will not be resemblant of a monster but instead take a humanoid form.


Our first piece of information comes from "Keeping it Together" when Steven and Garnet encountered the first cluster prototypes. Many of them were resemblant of hands and feet forced together, and when they were poofed, it was two gem shards forced together. In the same episode, the fusion made up of arms was revealed, it was made up of five gem shards, and took a much more humanoid form despite how strange it's appendages were.

Shard2 (1)

The first cluster gem (which resembled a hand and foot) was made up of only two shards.

Let's now look at "Nightmare Hospital" in this episode, when Steven and Connie went to fetch Steven's mother's sword, we identified more gem mutants. These ones took an even more humanoid form, so much so that Dr. Maheswaran herself (and the entire hospital) deemed them car accident victims. And when these gems were poofed, the gem shards were much larger.

The most recent time we've seen these gem mutants was in "When it Rains" here the prototype clusters have even more human parts, one even has an eyeball and a mouth, something we've never seen before on a gem mutant (though the first larger gem prototype from keeping it together had four eyes, they were nowhere near as resemblant as this one's eye was) . Although some of them were still the traditional hands and feet they once again were comprised of fewer shards whereas the larger ones had more gem shards.

Muscle Cluster night

The "Muscle Cluster" from "Nightmare Hospital" is comprised of more gem shards and has more humanoid features.

You may be wondering what if it's just the size of the shards? Well, the homeworld gems were obviously trying to make something dangerous, meaning they would have used their finest gem shards for the project and used the less valuable ones for the prototypes (like with all tests, you save the best for the final product.) So even if it is the size, not the amount that affects form, the cluster will still look more humanoid.


Overall, I conclude that the Cluster will take a much more, if not a humanoid form. This is because, by what we have explored in the show the more or the larger the gem shards a "cluster" is comprised of the more humanoid it appears.

Anyhow, tell me what you think. I'd love some feedback!