The Crystal Gems are Villains?
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Theory Information
Title The Crystal Gems are Villains?
Author TimmyBrock
Illustrator GoopHug
Date of Publication May 24, 2015
Source TimmyBrock Steven Universe Wiki Forum Thread

The following theory is not created by me, and was instead created by TimmyBrock. I only pasted his theory, and fixed spelling errors.


Steven Universe is a series with no true villains. The closest thing we have is Peridot and Jasper. However, with how Steven Universe is going, it wouldn't be out of the question that Steven's Gem family is evil. Or at least has negative motives.


In "Warp Tour" Peridot is depicted as an uncaring and villainous character. This may be true, but let's look at the evidence. Peridot appears as if she just went through a lot. She has lines under her eyes and the robot that was by her leg she could of just killed it to put it out of it's misery. She also could of deactivated the rest of the robots when she left so they couldn't lead anyone to her. Also, keep in mind that the Crystal Gems have killed many monsters. In a few episodes, it was hinted at that these monsters were once Gems too. The Crystal Gems don't only kill other Gems, they hunt them. In other words, what Peridot did was nothing in comparison to what the Crystal Gems did.

The Crystal Gems acted similarly for when Lapis was revived and Peridot arrived. Both times they feared the new arrival. Here we get on to a new theory which I may or may not write later. All Lapis wanted to do was go to somewhere she referred to as "home". For whatever reason, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl tried to stop her. After Lapis left, Pearl seemed to have expressed an extreme interest to go to space. The interest was so big, she almost killed Steven. It's possible that what Lapis meant by "home" was home as in the home of Gem kind. Pearl may have wanted to stop Lapis from reaching the Gem planet so Lapis wouldn't tell the other Gems that the Crystal Gems were still out there. What's more, when Peridot left, she left in an "that's all I needed to see" kind of way. This implied she was expecting find evidence of the four (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Rose (They probably don't know what happened to Rose)).

Another great question is why do the monsters attack the Crystal Gems. The monsters just don't start attacking people for no good reason, at least as far as we know. Like I said above, monsters were once crystal gems. Some corruption process had to happen first. Most of the monsters are on Earth. The only non-corrupted Gems on Earth are Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst. Now the question arises, "Why are the main four not corrupted?" It is possible that the Gems are the ones that were corrupting Gems. The purple paper that Garnet burned in Together Breakfast could of been a kind of corruption spell and she was burning the evidence.

The biggest piece of evidence is the fact that Garnet destroyed the warp pad the exact same way as it was before it was repaired. So, unless there is another Gem with a similar weapon, I can not think if anyone else who did it. Pearl also states "I can't do this again!", clearly stating this has happened before, almost as if they were trying to distance themselves. Amethyst freaks out saying "We are so dead!" the way someone would say when they know they're in trouble. In Steven Universe, there are many small details such as in "Gem Glow", Connie's bracelet can be seen inside of the freezer. Also in Gem Glow, in the cookie cat song, there is a part that says the following:

"Ohhhhh! He's a frozen treat with an all new taste, cause he came to this planet from outer space. A refugee of an interstellar war, but now he's at your local grocery store!"

This song verse may shed some light on the Crystal Gems, specifically "A refugee of an interstellar war." The Gems are an interstellar race and there was a Gem war. Could this mean they're refugees and they don't want to be found? Only time and the Steven Crewniverse will tell.

Anyway, thanks for reading this Steven Universe theory. I may add some more evidence later on. What do you think? Do you have any other evidence? Let me know in the comments!