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The Disappearance of Pink Diamond
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Title The Disappearance of Pink Diamond
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This article is an attempt to shed some light upon the reasons for the disappearance of Pink Diamond, based loosely upon the Great Diamond Authority theory of four rulers governing the Homeworld - the Diamonds.

The Existence of Diamonds

So far we know for certain of the existence of one ruler of Homeworld, Yellow Diamond. Her current whereabouts is unknown, but Jasper and Peridot reported directly to her and have yellow diamonds upon their uniforms to signify their allegiance. In Facet Five ("Marble Madness"), the place where Peridot was assigned to investigate the Cluster, Yellow Diamond's symbol can be clearly seen as well, denoting her ownership of the facility.

Yellow Diamond has a statue of herself placed in the Ancient Sky Arena ("Sworn to the Sword"), whilst a more symbolic portrayal of her was seen on a mural in the Pyramid Temple. Alongside this information is some evidence to support the existence of three other Diamonds.

A blue and white gem very similar to the illustration of Yellow Diamond can be seen on the Pyramid Temple's ("Serious Steven") mural, as well as Rose Quartz, Steven Universe's mother. Some theorists have assumed that these two, the Blue and White Diamonds are no longer in the picture, that they are either shattered, corrupted or imprisoned. There is no concrete evidence so far to support this, however their colors as well as Yellow Diamonds form part of the modern Homeworld sigil (triple triangle/diamond).


Pearl's Space Suit and its Pink Diamond Logo

The existence of a fourth Diamond not only can be seen in the old Homeworld sigil (quadruple rhomboid/diamond), but also more subtly by Pearl. The original Holo-Pearl ("Steven the Sword Fighter") had a diamond sigil similar to Jasper's and Peridot's upon her chest. The same symbol is visible on Pearl's space suit, yet this diamond is pink in color. Pink diamonds are also visible upon Sardonyx's (Garnet/Pearl Fusion) shoes. From this, we can assume that in the past Pearl deferred to Pink Diamond, just as Jasper and Peridot followed Yellow Diamond's orders. As Pearl belonged to Rose Quartz, it is a reasonable assumption that Rose Quartz belonged to the Pink Diamond faction.

Diamonds' Patronage of Constructions

We have seen some space craft and structures emblazoned with the sigils of Homeworld (both old and new), but we have also seen places that are dedicated to single Diamonds.

Marble Madness Facet Five Pillar

Examples of Yellow Diamond's logo in Facet Five

Marble Madness Facet Five entrace

Another example of Yellow Diamond's logo in Facet Five

The most obvious one is Facet Five which clearly has ties to Yellow Diamond by its display of the yellow diamond logo, but there was a second, less obvious structure seen in Steven Universe that was dedicated to another single Diamond.

In "Cheeseburger Backpack" Pearl introduces Steven to the Lunar Sea Spire.

...We have to place this Moon Goddess Statue on the top of the Lunar Sea Spire before midnight. Without it, the whole place will fall apart! Oh, Steven, you should have seen the spire in its heyday. *projects hologram of the Sea Spire* It was an oasis for Gems on Earth. It's abandoned now, but we can still save it with this statue!

—Pearl, Cheeseburger Backpack
Cheeseburger Backpack Fountain2

The Mixed-Fusion Fountain In The Lunar Sea Spire

Seen in the holographic projection is one of the Spire's lobbies, which contained a fountain. At the center of the fountain was a statue of a Gem with a diamond logo placed upon its chest, which together with the Lunar Sea Spire's lack of Homeworld logos, clearly shows that this building was built by one particular Diamond, just like Facet Five. The hologram prevents us from seeing what color the logo originally was, but it was most likely to have been pink, which meant that the Lunar Sea Spire was built by or for Pink Diamond.

Some would say that the spire's bluish coloring and power over water would mean it belonged to Blue Diamond, the Spire's lunar connection could hint at White Diamond, however the keys to solving this mystery were placed in the book "Guide to the Crystal Gems" and the short "Fusion". One tidbit of information gleaned from the book was unless the two gems are of the same type, a fusion between two Gems is a completely different Gem and that when Ruby and Sapphire first fused, it was unusual for two different gems to fuse. From "Fusion" we learn that:

The new forms have extra body parts, and the combined heights and strengths of the fusers, but fusion is hard for Gems that have trouble collaborating.

—Garnet, Fusion
This is a major revelation. A Diamond had given patronage to a building that displays not just one, but two statues depicting mixed Gem fusion (shown by the inclusion extra limbs) in a positive light (a second, broken statue is passed by the Crystal Gems as they ascend the Spire) during a time when it was considered unusual. This was not just a one off, Gems on Earth were actively celebrating mixed Gem fusion.

Cheeseburger Backpack Fountain

Pearl Fondly Remembering Oasis At The Lunar Sea Spire

The reason why Pearl described the Lunar Sea Spire was that it was an oasis for Gems who were turning away from the doctrine of Homeworld, that Gems of different classes should not mix, let alone fuse together. It is easy to imagine why Pearl loved this place, it gave her hope that one day she would be together with Rose Quartz. A Diamond turning away from the doctrine of Homeworld would have been a serious transgression indeed, which would explain why attempts were made to erase Pink Diamond from the existence of Gem History, like the obvious vandalism of the Ancient Sky Arena as well as removing Pink Diamond's logo from the Homeworld banner. Pink Diamond was not just uprooting the social order of Homeworld, she was actively recruiting Gems that belonged to the other Diamonds by offering this oasis.

It is extremely likely that it was the removal of Pink Diamond which led to the other Diamonds (in particular Yellow Diamond) to take over her territory on Earth and expand Gem production operations there. This is probably what led to Rose Quartz starting the rebellion to save life on Earth, as the existence of the Lunar Sea Spire clearly shows that there was a time when Gems were living peacefully on their new home.

Where is Pink Diamond Now?

The only solid clue that we have of Pink Diamond's fate was shown in the mural in the Pyramid Temple. In one scene Rose Quartz is seen holding a pink diamond-shaped object whilst facing off Blue Diamond. Just like the representations of Blue, Yellow and White Diamond, the pink diamond-shaped object is most likely a symbolic representation of Pink Diamond, or rather an object containing Pink Diamond's gemstone. The scene is showing Rose Quartz having to use the power of a Diamond to fight a Diamond, something which Steven Universe may himself have to do. Just like Lapis Lazuli and Desert Glass, this object could be anything or anyone, perhaps even Lion.


For reasons yet unknown, Pink Diamond stood against Homeworld by offering a sanctuary for Gems who wished to celebrate and participate in mixed fusions, and for some time managed a peaceful equilibrium between Gems and life on Earth. The offer of sanctuary transgressed Homeworld's rules of conduct as well as strict social class system. The other three Diamonds saw this as an act of treason and removed Pink Diamond from office, as well as attempting to remove all traces of her existence from Gem structures on Earth. The power vacuum was filled by the other Diamonds who attempted to expand their Gem production operations on Earth, which in turn threatened life on Earth and spurred Rose Quartz into starting a rebellion. Pink Diamond was likely to have been trapped inside an object, but later used during the Gem Wars by Rose Quartz against Blue Diamond. The current whereabouts of Pink Diamond remain unknown.

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