The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth are Clear Quartzes
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Title The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth are Clear Quartzes
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication November 10, 2015
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The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth could possibly be Clear Quartzes.


Geode Beetles

The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth

The Heaven and Earth Beetles that featured in the episode "Giant Woman" are a strange pair of Gems. Although they have identical gemstones upon their backs, they differ in body color. The Heaven Beetle's body is green and yellow, the Earth Beetle's is black and gray. Look more carefully at the two beetles and you will notice that their gem's color does not match any of their body parts. This is because their gems are colorless (the bluish hue used in the cartoon is also used in the transparent parts of other gems such as Worm Monster).

The two beetles are Clear Quartzes and  the clue is in their full name; the Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth. The majority of geodes mostly contain clear quartz crystals.

The Beetles differing body colors are probably an effect of their reforming process. Most Gems' bodies will take on the hue of whatever color gem they possess. The Geode Beetles' gems have no color whatsoever.

A simple explanation is that  these two Gems are able to adopt the color of their surroundings at the time that they reform, hence why the Earth Beetle is so dark and the Heaven Beetle is so light; it is a form of camouflage.

Quartzes are known to be formidable warriors in Gem society, so the Geode Beetle Gems having the ability to camouflage themselves and blend in with their surroundings would be a huge advantage over other gems in warfare.

Super Jasper

Mystery Quartz in "Sworn to the Sword"

Note: We may have already seen the Geode Beetles or Gems like them not corrupted. The mysterious Quartz that Pearl is seen battling during "Sworn to the Sword" may be two or more Clear Quartzes (their gemstone(s) would be upon their back (side by side) so hidden from view from the front) fused together, not an Amethyst (no chest gem visible) or a Jasper (helmet's shape does not match Jasper's, Gem does not have Jasper's stripey skin).

Theory Update

Since "The Answer" and "Message Received" we have seen Gems of the same type having different gemstone locations. This mystery Quartz could be an Amethyst fusion, but the shading makes it unlikely that she is a Rose Quartz fusion nor a Jasper Fusion.