Super Jasper Theory
Super Jasper
Theory Information
Title Super Jasper Theory
Author Evtini200
Illustrator Evtini200
Date of Publication June 19, 2015

So like, remember that huge gem that killed Pearl a many times in Pearl's hologram in the episodes "Sworn to The Sword"? Bears a certain striking resemblance to Jasper doesn't it? Well my theory here is to explain that it is and isn't Jasper.

So like, Jasper never really met Rose. In The Return, Jasper laments that she never got a chance to fight Rose. She acts like she knew of Rose, respected her, wanted to fight her but never got the opportunity. So that giant gem who fought Rose couldn't have been Jasper. Not to mention, that thing is bigger than Jasper.

However, the similarities are too strong to ignore. They both have a crash helmet. They have similar builds and hair. This can't possibly be a coincidence. Now pardon me as I make a few connections through other theories.

Amethyst is from the Kindergarten. This we know. Jasper MIGHT be from the Kindergarten as a better version of Amethyst. This runs on theory, I know, but there's strong evidence to support that Jasper is a stronger Kindergarten product than Amethyst. Which brings us back to the giant gem.

I believe the giant gem to be an even MORE improved Kindergarten product! A stronger version of Jasper, to be exact. Whether this is the main model of Kindergarten gems or merely a lucky batch is hard to say, but this thing is even stronger than Jasper, who has been shown to be next to physically invincible.

Also, as for that giant axe she had. I feel we've seen it before. Remember that giant battle axe Garnet and Amethyst salvaged in Rose's Scabbard? Yeah, it belonged to Super Jasper.

Let's just sit back and wait for this to be canon, shall we?