Pre-Confirmed Theory 1
Pre-Confirmed Theory
The Original Steven No Longer Exists Theory is a pre-confirmed theory, which means the fact was already confirmed before the theory was created.


The Original Steven No Longer Exists Theory
Theory Information
Author Goophug
Illustrator Goophug
Date of Publication March 4th, 2015

Ever since the episode "Steven and the Stevens", some people have theorized that the original Steven that was seen from the first episode no longer exists.

This is because of the ending of said episode which involves the original Steven, (who I shall now refer to as "Cool Steven") had to destroy an artifact in order to destroy all of the different Stevens (aside from the Steven we see now who shall be referred to as Modern Steven). But by doing this Cool Steven sacrifices himself as he too is from a now non-existent timeline. This should mean that the original Steven is now dead or erased.

Because of this, the original Steven (Cool Steven) should no longer exist as he, along with all of the other alternative Stevens, has disappeared from reality. This also means that the Steven we watch on the show now, is no longer the same Steven we saw in "Gem Glow".

Steven and the Stevens Goodbye Handsome One

The old timeline Steven dying.

Contrary Theories

"Steven and the Stevens" Aftermath Theory

Pre-Confirmed Theory

This theory states what actually happened, following the logical sense of time travel.