The Unknown Gem in Pearl's Hologram is a Bunch of Amethysts Fused Together
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Author Amethystkitten
Illustrator Amethystkitten
Date of Publication November 10th, 2015
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Hiya, I'm Amethystkitten and I have another theory for you. Just a note, you've probably seen a theory similar to this around, meaning I did not create this theory, I took a theory I've heard of and am adding evidence and reasoning. Anyway, let us begin!


Today's theory is that the unknown gem featured in Pearl's hologram from "Sworn to the Sword" is a bunch of Amethysts fused into one.


"Rose's Scabbard

Never know when you might need one of these.


The first piece of evidence comes from "Rose's Scabbard" when the gems are exploring the gem battlefield. While they are searching Garnet discovers a large purple axe. The axe being large must have been wielded by a gem at least twice the averages size or more. I'll explain the importance of this in more detail slightly later.

"Sworn to the Sword"

This is the episode where Pearl's projects her hologram of the battle while singing "Do it For Her". Many theorize that the gem in the hologram is a Jasper however

  • The gem in the hologram appeared much large than Rose whereas Jasper simply towers over Garnet a tiny bit (We know Rose is taller than Garnet as well.)
  • The gem in the hologram lacks Jasper's distinguishable stripes which also appear on the Jasper mineral.

Remember the axe I just brought up? Doesn't it seem rather similar to the one in the hologram? Also keep in mind that the axe is purple hmm...

"Too Far"

Now for the episode when we find out about Quartzes. It was revealed that Amethyst herself is defective abd much smaller than the average Amethyst or Quartz in general. What if the gem in the hologram is in fact a bunch of properly grown Amethyst's fused together, that would certainly explain the colour of the axe. Also in the guide to the crystal gems it was stated,

Mqdefault (1)

Before Ruby and Sapphire first fused, it was unusual for gems of different types to fuse together.

—"Guide the Crystal Gems" Garnet
This means that if the same gems fused together which would be used as a battle tactic, the gem would simply form a super or a mega of that gem. We also don't know if all of the same gems have the same weapon. A note on this has to do with Pearl's, since Pearl's are servants they are not built for fighting as sung by Pearl herself. However, our Pearl clearly taught herself to summon a weapon and one that matched her state of mind, a spear due to her precise and perfectionist tendancies. Ruby has a gauntlet for her Rage and so on. So that would explain why this mega Amethyst does not have a whip like ours.


Overall, I have concluded that the gem in the hologram is in fact not a giant Jasper but a bunch of Amethyst's fused together, we know homeworld gems used fusion for combat during the war making this theory quite possible, Drop me comment and tell me what you think!