WHO Fusions Are
Theory Information
Title WHO Fusions Are
Author Evtini200
Illustrator Evtini200
Date of Publication July 15, 2015

Greetings ladies, gentleman and members of the other over 50 gender roles I don't care to address individually.

So fusions are, going off the wiki and Word of God statements, the combination of two gems forming a separate entity. So that's WHAT fusions are but not WHO they are. The words, "separate entity" are there for a reason. As stated by Garnet, a fusion is more than just two gems mixed together. A fusion is basically it's own person, just a person made from two other people. However, I feel there's a bit more to it, so pardon me while I cram my ever-holy ideas down your throat. 

I theorize that the personality of a fusion isn't simply based off the personalities of the gems it's made up of, but rather, the emotions and reasoning for fusing in the first place. Emotions and reasons change constantly, meaning that Ruby + Sapphire will not always get the Garnet we know and love. Here's some canon examples:

Garnet, of course. She's made o-o-o-o-of lo-o-o-o-ove, correct? Well, at season 1, possibly not entirely. Note how Garnet was red at first, implying Ruby was more dominate at the time. Not to mention, she was far less expressive prior to reforming than she is now. Of course, I have no knowledge of the circumstances behind Ruby and Sapphire's fusion before the show aired, but it seems their relationship, while still loving, was somewhat one-sided on Ruby's part. Being separated caused them to appreciate each other more, leading to a purple and more expressive Garnet. You saw how positively ecstatic those two were to be with each other in Jailbreak. 

Sugilite is our next example. Sugilite was the first fusion (that we knew of) to become self aware and want to remain itself forever. She openly defied defusing, in fact. This lead to plenty of fans calling "OOC" when Sugilite showed up in Cry for Help, did her job and defused without a word. Thing is, that was perfectly in character for Sugilite, as this was a different Sugilite we were seeing. We learn in Cry for Help that Amethyst is almost desperate to fuse with Garnet to feel strong. So the first time, Sugilite's personality spawned from Amethyst's wish to be with Garnet as Sugilite. This lead to Sugilite fighting Pearl to remain Sugilite forever. Sugilite did become self-aware, but only to the same extent as all fusions. Her personality was just what made her defy defusion.

Of course, this wasn't the case in Cry for Help. Amethyst didn't want to fuse, Garnet didn't want to fuse, they just knew they had too and were both angry and upset over it. This led to a ticked off Sugilite that just wanted to destroy the towers and disappear. So Sugilite wasn't OOC. It was just a different Sugilite.

Third and finale example is Opal. Opal, at first, was formed from love and concern for Steven. That's what kept her stable enough to fight Big Bird. However, it wasn't formed because Pearl and Amethyst wanted to be together. In fact, neither of them wanted to be fused with the other. All they cared about was saving Steven. The result? A fusion that didn't talk much, saved Steven and then broke apart in no time. Same thing happens in The Return.

So there you have it, the personality of a fusions depends on more than just the gems. It depends on the emotions and circumstances at the time of the fusion.

Also, in case you were wondering about Malachite, she is by far no exception. Malachite came from Jasper's desire to destroy the Garnet and be more powerful and Lapis' desire to protect Steven and take control of her life. So let's note the components of Malachite.

  • Destroy Garnet.
  • Protect Steven.
  • Stop Jasper.
  • Take control of life.

Add in all that hate and the personality of Malachite will be a rampaging monster that, much like Sugilite, will not want to unfuse, will want to destroy kill Garnet and yet, want to keep Steven safe. Man, that's gonna be really something.

Normally, I'd say something along the lines of "I'm right and this will be canon" but I'm fairly certain it's already canon at this point.