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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Warp Pad on the Moon. We appreciate the attempt.
The Secret Moon Warp
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Theory Information
Title The Secret Moon Warp
Author Scampy
Date of Publication December 22, 2015
Source Scampy Youtube Video

If Homeworld is 25 lights years away from Earth or any long distance for that matter, how did Jasper and Peridot get to Earth that quickly?


The first thing we see from home world are the marble robots, Steven sees one outside the stream and later one crashes through the ceiling; but how did it come from space, did Peridot just send a bunch of them and set course for Earth? How would that work? The distance between home world and Earth is just too big. She would have to launch these robots years in advance, and it only gets more difficult to believe once we see more of them. A larger marble robot appears later but Peridot doesn't send the next big one until the first one is destroyed. Shes responding to their destruction in real time. Something they couldn't have possibly be doing if they had to travel light years to get to Earth. So, how did she manage it? Well the most likely explanation for this is that Peridot was sending them through a warp pad. Not one on Earth though, Pearl makes that very clear, when she says "Nothing on Earth can use these warps but us" and she was right. They weren't being sent to Earth they were being sent to the Moon.

Think about it, when home world first colonized Earth, the first order of business would have been to build warp pads to connect back to their home planet. The Galaxy warp was made but only a few gems at a time can travel through those and when Rose's rebellion started home world would have to send ships and supplies and re-enforcements. All things necessary to fight in a war and all things they couldn't send to the warp pads on Earth now that Earth's gems are revolt.

We Are The Crystal Gems Space Base

A pad being on the Moon would explain why the crystal gems didn't believe Steven saw anything in the warps, Pearl was right. Nothing from space can use the warps but Steven was right too. The thing came from space and was using a warp pad in space, and Steven could still see something warping from the Moon because warp space is it's sort of pocket dimension, kinda like where lion goes when jumping through his warp portals. If there was a warp pad on the Moon it was probably built for military purposes, meaning its really REALLY big. This explains how the hand was able to use it and get to Earth so quickly.

A critical piece of evidence to this theory, actually comes from something we haven't seen yet. A title of a future episode is called Back 2 the Moon Part 3. Who's going back to the Moon? Probably Peridot, because she has been there before, that's how she came to Earth in the first place. The same way her robots did, through a warp pad on the Moon.

Disproved Theory

This theory was disproved in the episode "It Could've Been Great" there is no warp pad on the Moon but simply a diamond base.