Who Is The Movie Villain
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Title Who Is The Movie Villain
Author Cnels488
Date of Publication November 5th 2018
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With the movie coming out next year, this gives us plenty of time to speculate on many things including the identity of the villain for the movie.

What we know

  • She is red-pink in color.
  • Her gem is shaped like a heart.
  • Her hair is braided in a pigtail hairstyle.

Possible identities

  • Morganite-This is who a lot of fans speculate that the villain could be.
  • Gem/human hybrid-This is another popular theory as this character's identity. Some fans have speculated that Connie's mumblings about Aquamarine could be a hint.
  • Red diamond-This is unlikely for a few reasons (The gem shape is a heart and not a diamond, The diamond authority being implied to be the only diamonds who exist, etc).
  • White pearl-Again this is also unlikely for a few reasons (Gem shape is a heart and not a pill, gem color is reddish, different sounding voice, the villain having two eyes, White pearl being a lighter shade of pink etc).

True Identity


According to a behind the scenes video, the villain's true identity is Spinel.

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