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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Why Garnet and Pearl Don't Fuse. We appreciate the attempt.
Why Garnet and Pearl Don't Fuse
Giant Woman Pearl Fusion
Theory Information
Author Evtini200
Illustrator Evtini200
Date of Publication June 25, 2015


'Ello ladies, gents and other members of the over 50 gender roles I don't care to individually address.

So ever since Sugilite and Opal showed up (and that dance in Alone Together) everyone's been wondering as to when Garnet and Pearl's fusion will show up and what it will be like. What not many people ask is why we haven't seen it yet in the first place. What if their fusion is practically worthless?


Let's look at Coach Steven. In the episode, the gems had to destroy those pillars and destroy 'em quickly. For that, they brought in Sugilite. Sugilite was wild, destructive and definitely did her job. Seeing as Amethyst is pretty much the opposite of Pearl in every way and Garnet is balance, we can assume that any fusion between Pearl and Garnet would be the opposite of Sugilite. This gem, combining the personalities and traits of Garnet and Pearl, wouldn't be all that useful in the same scenario. It would be careful, slow, it would take it's time and consider every possibility before acting. While it would certainly have combat skills, it wouldn't use them as often as it should.

Now let's put this in a situation where they need to take down the current monster of week. Said fusion would be of no help in a fight because while the fusion is thinking of plans and tactics the monster is busy destroying beach city.

Coach Steven Pearl vs Sugilite

Now let's remember Sugilite. Sugilite grew her own personality quickly and that personality didn't want to unfuse. Would it be too far of a stretch to assume that the same could be said of a Pearl and Garnet fusion? I mean, something that smart would become it's own person in no time and unlike Sugilite it wouldn't be tricked so easily. This fusion would ensure that it never gets defused. It would make plans, back up plans, back up back up plans, predict your attempts to defuse it, it would be much harder to unfuse than Sugilite. Also, remember that the only two people who'd be able to do it would be Amethyst and Steven.

So there's my theory. Pearl and Garnet don't fuse because the resulting fusion does far more harm than good. It's not good in a fight and getting it to unfuse is a nightmare.

Disproved Theory

Sardonyx was only occasionally known to smash, but in "Cry for Help" they fuse without any issues. Although, Pearl did fuse with Garnet for all the wrong reasons after the first time.